Save at home

Save at home 2021

Apply now for the new home savings. We undertake the compilation of your file for your inclusion in the program completely free of charge.

Required documents:

  • Building permit officer
  • Top view
  • Topographic diagram
  • Contract
  • E1 and Clearing
  • E9 of all co-owners
  • Photocopy of recent PPC account
  • Photocopy of ID
  • TaxisNet Codes

Save at Business

You have business, you save!

Save at Tourism

You have a hotel, you save!

Call us now for your successful integration in the new program, depending on the type of savings you are interested in!
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26510 79470 .


  • Topographic Studies
  • Building Studies
  • Renovations
  • Arbitrary Legalizations
  • Consulting Support

Passive Building Design

Our office, through the principles of passive design, can suggest ideas and solutions to optimize the energy consumption of your home, creating a space with almost zero energy needs.
Passive houses are characterized by thermal comfort throughout the year, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the house without humidity. In addition, they provide good ventilation, thus ensuring extremely low to zero consumption.

Smart Home – PWD

Smart homes can take initiatives such as automatically adjusting their indoor temperature (with electronic switches), raising the awnings themselves (eg so as not to be damaged by air) to simulate movement by turning on and off the lights and shutters (discouraging them). burglars in our absence), or simply inform the owner of the condition of the house via the internet (temperature, sunshine, rain, wind, water, oil, roller shutters, awnings, exits, cameras, and anything else you can imagine) .

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